Trump can't use his personal helicopter anymore

Trump can't use his personal helicopter anymore

The Secret Service standard security protocol requires the president to fly on either Air Force One or Marine One helicopter: still his S-76 was the first to test out the new Mar-a-Lago helipad

President Donald Trump finally said goodbye to his beloved Sikorsky S-76 private helicopter. From now on he can only look at the personal helicopter parked on the front lawn of his Mar-a-Lago resort.

The Secret Service standard security protocol requires the president to fly on either Air Force One or Marine One helicopter. But during the first weekend of April the S-76 (of which Trump owns a couple in the US), was the first to test out the new Mar-a-Lago helipad as it was spotted making a landing (cover photo - Associated Press).

The landing pad, which was built for Marine One, passed inspection and has been ready for use since last month, according to town officials. The aircraft was parked outside of his swanky resort this weekend, but Trump returned to Mar-a-Lago from his golf outing in West Palm Beach via motorcade on Saturday.


The President of the United States relies on a fleet of a Boeing 757, a Cessna Citation X jet and a Sikorsky S-76B. The peculiarity of Donald Trump’s fleet is undoubtedly the quite high average age of the aircrafts (20 years) and the sumptuous fittings choises for custom interiors.

Until his win for the White House race, the aircraft preferred by Donald Trump was his personal Boeing 757 (nicknamed Trump Force One): produced in 1991 and purchased new president in 2009, the same 757 also served for several years as airliner in Mexico before passing into the hands of billionaire Paul Allen, one of the founders of Microsoft.

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The twin-engine can accomodate on board up to of 200 people and it has been at the center of an eccentric interior renovation project that saw the installation of a bedroom and 24-carat gold trimmings. There’s plenty of luxury even in the toilets: the toilet seats are coated in Edelman skin.

Despite the glitz, the choice of a Boeing 757 (an airliner designed in the 1970s) for personal transport is quite unusual for a man worth 11 billion dollars. More than for journeys abroad, Trump has often used his 757 as the bearer of his personal brand and the trademark of his renown business style: in the 80s he even bought a Boeing 727 (produced in 1968) for a handful of dollars from a company on the brink of failure, saving considerably on the purchasing process of a new private jet.


In addition to the Boeing 757 and the Cessna Citation X, Donald Trump is a great admirer of the US manufacturers . He owns three helicopters Sikorsky S-76B registered between 1989 and 1990 and purchased between the '90s and 2014. The aircrafts have been involved on several occasions during Trump’s presidential campaign and they have played a prominent role in advertising the “Trump brand”.

One of the aircraft was also involved in a renewal of the interior design, some kind of "Pimp my Chopper" produced by CNBC.

The average value of the S-76 is set at 850,000 dollars, a price which is in line with the policy of "safe use" undertaken by Trump for his own means. The most recently built Sikorsky S-76B was sent to Scotland in 2015 and is still used for the luxurious Trump Turnberry Resort customer transportation.


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