Helionix, the avionics made in Airbus Helicopter

Helionix, the avionics made in Airbus Helicopter

The new suite developed by the European company will be implemented on the EC175, and offered as an extra of the EC145572: let's have a look at its features

“A new avionics system to reduce the pilots’ work, allowing him to focus only on flying”. This is how Airbus Helicopters summarized the aim of Helionix, the latest technological evolution of the European helicopter company. Helionix was at the centre of attention at Hai Heli Expo 2014 in Anaheim, California.

In the video: Helionix presentation

The system, launched in early 2013 by Eurocopter (before the rebranding), will be implemented on the new EC175 and will represent an optional of the EC145T2. According to Airbus, it will provide “unprecedented levels of performance and safety”.

Helionix provides the pilot with a number of essential information that aim at improving the helicopter management. Here are its main features.

-Multifunctional display (MFD) and Aircraft Management Computer (AMC), designed for facing the most complex weather conditions.

-Enhanced situation awareness of the environmental context thanks to its integrated extras, such as the Digital Map, the HTAWS, the Synthetic Vision System and the Electronic Flight Bag.

-A reduced load of work for the pilot, thanks to both an innovative alert system and a vehicle monitoring system (VMS).

-Enhanced pilot assistance thanks to the 4-ax AFCS duplex autopilot.

-High level of redundancy thanks to the coexistence of the DMAP, HTAWS and EFB systems, which are incorporated in each display.

In other words, these avionic solutions will allow Airbus Helicopters to focus on the development of a proprietary system, aiming at a technological package literally built around its products.