The importance of being social

The importance of being social

Vertical Magazine pointed out on Instagram why social media are fundamental for any business around. We found out why this should be a gamechanger for the helicopters industry

by RotorZ

Among Helipress Magazineís editorial desks we relied on a sort of mantra for years, since we started our magazine back in 2014. Today, that mantra has become a motto for anyone whoís employed, collaborates or is simply approaching our world: social media are a common asset and are a fundamental social space for any business, whether or not helicopter-based.

(This should be a superfluous statement for those who are professionally engaged in communication affairs).

In this sense, we have always thought about Helipress Magazine as the spaceship Arcadia, Captain Harlock's pirate vessel. Captain Harlock is a popular (some say itís seditious in some ways) Japanese manga from the late '70s which talks about a space pirate crossing the galaxies in order to defend his ideas from totalitarianism, especially fighting back the totalitarian thought.

Captain Harlock is a romantic warrior who keeps fighting in a war he simply cannot win.

Thatís a beautiful tale both for children and adults.

Now, the very importance of social media for the helicopter industry has finally come to the attention of the Vertical Magazine battleship, a news that strengthens our convictions and gives us an insight into further considerations.

Vertical Magazine, which is of course hugely social media based, left a bold choice on its Instagram page telling the discovery of the importance of social media for the helicopters industry, including OEMs and providers:

Thatís a wonderful thought, someone would say. †Maybe a naive observation (certainly for 2017) would think some evil. The truth is that any new deal of conceiving the helicopter industry itself must necessarily assess the presence of helicopter brands on social media.

It's not just about having a mere online presence for CRM or reputation matters.

It's about how the industry itself is being represented to the world.

Being active on social media will not be decisive for helicopter business.

Nevertheless, not being there as a conscious choice is an own-goal that nobody can afford anymore.

It's not a matter of prestige. Just ask why Bugatti, who sells a handful of super-luxury hypercars every year, chose to be there. Just wonder why Saint Laurent has 2.5 million followers on Facebook.

Just ask why Airbus Helicopters has today the most populated Facebook Page in the industry.

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