Helipress Magazine Issue #2 is out now!

Helipress Magazine Issue #2 is out now!

In this issue: Esquadra 751 talks about the AW101, we flew onboard the AW169 and we got a ride on the NVG-equipped H135 of AIUT Alpin Dolomites

When a crisis strikes an Industry, it doesn’t mean that that same crisis should affect the same Industry's storytelling process. Crisis doesn’t mean stopping being hunger for news, being eager for helicopter photos, taking time for analysis and - ultimately – being in search of practical tips.

The first issue of Helipress Magazine meant a lot to ourselves. We planned it, we studied it, we analyzed the needs of a market. In return, it showed us a path through this beautiful industry’s storytelling.  We chose to go ahead on this road and keep sharing stories and enhancing the community of interest that has grown around Helipress in these years.

Over 30,000 readers in less than a month is a result that gave us a real pride. Helipress Magazine’s readers come mostly from Europe. This is probably caused by  a speculative need existing in our continent to understand which direction the helicopter industry will take as a consequence of...

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