Helipress Magazine: 30,000 times thank you

Helipress Magazine: 30,000 times thank you

The first issue of our new digital magazine has seen a great public response and the cooperation from the main players of the European helicopter industry: let's take a look at the next issue

Over 30,000 impressions, more than 10,000 reads in a month. These are the two essential data that mark the success of the first issue of Helipress Magazine, our brand new digital magazine, published every quarter exclusively on the Issuu platform or through Helipress’ official Facebook page.

The first issue of the magazine seen a good reader's response and a great participation of the main players of the European helicopter industry. As you noticed (and if didn’t you can catch up with the magazine below), we started with an exclusive Q&A with Airbus Helicopters CEO Guillaume Faury, who granted our readers an exclusive Outlook for the helicopters industry.

The first issue of Helipress Magazine has been conceived as a digital portfolio, a mockup aimed at showcasing the editorial initiatives we will be facing in the coming months: the next issue, scheduled for June (it’ll be released just before Le Bourget Airshow), will come with exclusive new interviews, pics and insights that you’ll find on our website starting from the week following the publication of the magazine.

That's why we have studied for you three different reading modes: they’re all in absolute preview, all internationally exclusive, all mobile ready: through our newsletter (subscribing is super easy), through our official Facebook page and through our Issuu channel.

Thank you and save the date: June 2017, always on Helipress Magazine.

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