Pakistan ordered more AW139 helicopters

Pakistan ordered more AW139 helicopters

A new order for AgustaWestland's bestseller: after the first batch announced in june 2016,an undisclosed number of intermediate twins been ordered by Pakistan. Deliveries are expected to start in 2018

The super bestseller intermediate twin AW139 helicopter keeps pushing forward Leonardo Elicotteri’s comeback. After the publication of the 2016  annual report, which saw the AgustaWestland division hit by “some weakness in civil markets caused by though market conditions in Oil&Gas, to the change in perimeter namely in DRS and FATA and to the negative impact of the GBP/€ exchange rate” – as the Company reported in a statement – parent company Leonardo announced that the Government of Pakistan has signed a new order for an undisclosed number of additional AgustaWestland AW139 intermediate twin engine helicopters.

Pakistan and AgustaWestland signed a deal for the same model in June 2016: the new contract is a further step towards the completion of fleet renewal programmes spread over several batches plus logistic support and training. The AW139s  will be used to perform utility, SAR (Search and Rescue) and EMS (Emergency Medical Service) operations across the nation.


As Leonardo highlighted in a statement, a fast yet undisclosed growing fleet of AW139s is already in service in Pakistan, with several units operated by the Pakistan Government for relief and transport duties. In the end Hot&High test/demo completed by AgustaWestland back in July 2016 had a good impact on Pakistan, which since selected again the AW139 as the “perfect fit to the Country’s operational environment, delivering outstanding capabilities and hot&high performance unmatched by any other existing helicopter type in the same class”.

In the video: AW139 offshore

Deliveries in Pakistan are expected to start in early 2018: more than 830 AW139s are in service to date.

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