The First issue of Helipress Magazine is now online

The First issue of Helipress Magazine is now online

We're proud to unveil our latest effort, the new born in the Helipress family: read it now

By Nicola Zamperini

Telling the helicopters industry in a way that everyone understands, so that everyone will seize the essential news. Telling an industry with a clear and design-oriented style, with a touch of Italian pride.

It’s a simple modus operandi. It’s our vision of storytelling, it’s our mission.  

Helicopters fly with grace and elegance: since 2014, we try and make these unique traits a trademark of our publication.

So as you’re reading this words, we’re proud to unveil our latest effort, the new born in the Helipress family.

It’s called Helipress Magazine and it’s a full digital magazine based on the composition of each single page like a single crafted piece: 

Our stories on do find enough space and length on internet, but that’s a work meant for a website aimed at a very specific audience. And we thought that the same audience would have enjoyed even more the chance to get different formats for reading and sharing.

What it does not change with Helipress digital magazine is the approach to the industry’s storytelling: we’ll write stories for anyone who has a real passion for helicopters. For anyone, even those who are not pilots, technicians or aviation experts.

We’ll keep an eye open to politics, economics and international scenarios, a Helipress’ trademark we tried to imagine as a mean to figure out what will happen next to the industry.  

Helipress’ audience is today founded on its 30.000 average readers per month as well as a community of nearly 30.000 followers on Facebook with a very high engagement, a real sign of trust and affection.

Now we’re setting off on a new adventure: delivering a digital magazine in the social network feeds of those who are into the helicopters industry.

There’ll be no waiting for the printing process, no waiting for shipping, you’ll not simply take the risk of missing an issue.

Let us know what you think about the magazine.

We got a compass in our mind: it points on our readers sentiment.

This Magazine is yours.

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