What's new at HAI Heli Expo 2017

What's new at HAI Heli Expo 2017

The trade show, held this year in Dallas, Texas, celebrates the commercial and civil helicopter industry with participants from around the world. It will be the largest ever produced

The HAI Heli Expo 2017 is officially started. The main international helicopter trade show, held this year in Dallas, Texas (March 7–9) will be the largest ever produced: exhibitors have already booked 317,100 net square feet of show floor space, and that number is likely to climb even higher as HAI is still accepting booth registrations. This net square footage figure exceeds the show’s previous record, set in Las Vegas in 2013.

“We’ll have some of the largest helicopters in North America on display, and we’re also on pace for record attendance,” says Matt Zuccaro, president and CEO of HAI. “Combined with the figures for the show floor, it’s reasonable to say that our diverse industry is in a growth phase and people are excited to do business.”

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HAI Heli Expo 2017 features exhibits from helicopter operators, aircraft manufacturers, and suppliers of parts, accessories, and maintenance services, among others. Just like the exhibitors, attendees span the spectrum of the industry. Operators, pilots, mechanics, students, military service members, and helicopter aficionados attend the multiday event. Attendees can seek employment, attend safety and professional education courses, catch up with industry trends, or simply enjoy the displays on the show floor.

Exhibitors will display approximately 60 helicopters across the show floor of the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center, including a Boeing CH-47D Chinook, one of the largest helicopters commercially available in North America. Other aircraft expected to be on display include a Russian Mil-24 Hind helicopter, several commercial Sikorsky Blackhawk helicopters, and a variety of models from Airbus, Bell, Leonardo, MD, Robinson, Sikorsky, and other aircraft manufacturers.


Airbus Helicopters will be highlighting its wide range of products and services at this year’s Heli-Expo, 7- 9 March at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas, TX, with a lineup of three of its best-selling aircraft, including the H130 in a VIP configuration; the H145 in a public services configuration and the recently certified H135 equipped with the state-of-the-art Helionix digital avionics suite. This H135 will embark on a demo tour of the U.S. and Mexico after the show.

“We are proud to showcase these hardworking helicopters as they have confirmed their positions as market leaders despite the challenges faced by the industry last year” said Airbus Helicopters CEO Guillaume Faury. “We are committed to providing our customers with rotorcraft that meet their needs in terms of safety, quality and competitiveness and we continue to innovate in that direction. Digitalising our support and services sector, developing new aircraft such as the H160, and adding features like Helionix to best-sellers such as the H135 are all examples of what we do best,” he added.

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Show-goers can try out the H160 experience and take a look at the H160’s VIP, oil and gas, and EMS configurations more closely with an interactive virtual reality and 360° presentation.

The company’s show display also includes HCare Customer Services counters aimed at presenting Airbus Helicopters’ commitment to supporting their customers in every aspect – training and flight operations, maintenance and upgrades, technical support, fleet management, material management, and mission preparation.


As part of the Heli-Expo experience, Era will partner with Leonardo to showcase the AW189’s spacious cabin and cockpit design incorporating the latest in advanced situational awareness technologies to reduce crew workload, optimize mission-effectiveness and enhance safety.

The aircraft benefits from an industry-leading 50 minutes ‘dry-run’ capability on the main gearbox, exceeding current certification standards and offering unmatched safety and reliability for long-range operations. Era took delivery of an additional two AW189 helicopters in 2016, increasing the Company’s AgustaWestland fleet to over 60 helicopters including four AW189s.

“Showcasing the versatile AW189 currently in service with Era, the world’s largest civilian operator of AgustaWestland helicopters, allows us to further display the aircraft’s adaptability in support of a variety of mission profiles to key decision makers across the helicopter industry,” added Daniele Romiti, Managing Director of Leonardo Helicopters. “We’re pleased to have Era as a long-time partner and launch customer for the AW189 in the Americas, and appreciate the opportunity to be a part of their operational growth.”

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